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General health checks
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Pre-purchase examinations
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  • "Hi exclusively equine crew, just wanting to know who's horse died in lowood today from hendra virus, just need to know if they are anywhere around where I am keeping my horses."

    - Prue Hellier

  • "Thanks to Louise and the team for your help with little lucky im grateful to have a vet team that explain thing in terms I can understand."

    - Shona Ford

  • "Thank u for putting on a great hendra information session tonight. Very helpful indeed"

    - Janelle Mergard

  • "Thank you very much for the informative presentation last night... Still in 2 minds what to do, but it was great to get more info on this dreadful disease."

    - Donna Shapland

  • "Thank you guys so much for your generosity and help to SAHA. You guys are amazing. I am a strong supporter of SAHA and am thrilled to know there are businesses and staff like yours who are so unselfish. Thank you so very much."

    - Sue Dale

  • "Just wanted to say Thank you for the lovely card that we received in the mail today from you in regards to the loss of our darling old girl Gypsey."

    - Abbie 'n' Eddie Veivers

  • "Big thank you to Louise for her compassion and professionalism this morning when we put my beautiful old mare down. It's a tough decision, made so much more bearable by people who understand."- Amanda Smith

  • "Thank you Louise for your luv n care for our little moo moo. It was very hard for us as she was very much loved in her short time with us. The Cottones"

    - Grace La Greca Cottone

  • "Thanks to the team at Exclusively Equine for doing Quinn's collection last month. Received the great news today that the mare in WA is PREGNANT. Whoo hoo. Thanks a million guys for all your help in making this happen!"

    - Dellifay Gypsy Cobs

  • "Thankyou very much eevs team for your help today over the phone with a sooky horse in shock, even from 3000k away and in a remote area you guys still rock !!!"

    - Rebecca Thompson

  • "Can't thank you enough for your prompt service. We're still in one piece!"

    - Sandrea Ward-Twigt

  • "Thanks Louise for your awesome help today, Joe is super happy with your service & said he will certainly call again if needed...... Dex is feeling better after loosing a few stones"

    - Kym Loves Horses

Areas We Serve

We cover the Lockyer Valley and Ipswich from Blacksoil to Helidon, Rosewood to Lowood and beyond with expert service, punctuality and superb client communication. Some of the suburbs we service include: Hatton Vale, Laidley, Regency Downs, Plainland, Summerholm, Kentville, Kensington Grove and many others. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help keep your horses in excellent standing.
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